103 Blog Ideas for Starting a Blog

The first challenge I hear from new bloggers is finding blog ideas to blog about.

Blogging is more fun when you writing about what you love or care about.

But what do you care about?

If its a list of things maybe creating a lifestyle blog is your niche.

Because I Save started as a lifestyle blog following me around being a college student. It became overwhelming. Writing about college did not suit my lifestyle. It bugged me.

It tweaked the writing portions of this website to talk more about what I’m studying in college. Business. While I still write lifestyle post they are more relevant because I found my niche.

Focusing your niche increases your chance to grow your income.

Defining your niche is recommended for easier keyword and topic research. Makes you a champ in SEO.

Pick a topic and stick with it. Bouncing around from topic to topic does not give a consistent audience. Create a post that is relevant to your topic but still important to you. Sticking to similar writing topics creates familiarity with your audience increasing their chance of return.

Here are 103 blog ideas to help you figure out what to blog about for your upcoming post.

Health and Wellness Blog Ideas

Wellness blogging has numerous niches. Creating an overall health and wellness blog is fine too.

How to Stay Healthy This Summer
How to Exercise in the Heat
The Benefits of Walking
How to Bike in the Heat
How to Hike in the Heat
How to Treat Acne
How to Stay Hydrated
Your Fitness Routine
Dieting Tips
Top 5 Beauty Products
Top 5 Healthy Snacks
Your Fitness Goals

Technical Blog Ideas

Everyone tells you to write a blog, but no one tells you how to write a blog. If you are into the technical side of creating blogs this is for you!

New Product Launching
What is Artifical Intelligence
Best Tech Gifts
How to Set Up a Blog
Screenshot Your Desktop
How to Write Your First Blog Post
How Much Does Starting a Blog Really Cost?
What Kind of Blog Should You Start?
Learn What Blog Niches Make the Most Money
How to Install a Blog Theme on WordPress?
How Did Your Business Get its Name

Style Blog Ideas

These blogs produce pictures of the blogger to show their lifestyle on a daily basis. A blog all about you!

What I Wore
Wish List
Online Sales
DIY Fashion Projects
Product Reviews
Favorite Stores, Brands
Gift Guides
What to Buy
Favorite Restaurant
Recipe Post
10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Travel Blog Ideas

Freedom to travel the world and create jaw-dropping content.

Share your Five Star Experience
Hostel vs Hotel
Hotel Hacks
How to Pack for Summer/ Spring/ Fall/ Winter
How to Understand Currency
Best Budget Destinations
How to Save Money Abroad
Best Travel Credit Cards
Ultimate Bucket List
How to Travel with Pets
How to Travel with a Baby
How to Survive a Long Haul Flight
20 Reasons to Travel Full Time
What’s in My Bag
My First Time Abroad
Where Should you Travel Next?
Travel Essentials
72 Hours in Your City

Unique Blog Ideas

A creative blog post that will delight your audience as spark their internal creativity.

Tell a Story
Review a Product
Discuss your Achievements and Failures
Create a Poll/ Survey
Tip of the Day
Find Freebies and Deals
Talk Goals
Book Review
Favorite Childhood Memory
Pet Peeves
Concerts You Have Attended
A Letter to Someone
Favorite TV Show
A List of Places You’ve Lived At
10 likes & Dislikes
Share Embarrassing Stories
Answer One of The Most Common Questions You Recieve
Describe Your Ideal Day

Inspirational Blog Ideas

Uplift your readers an inspire them to go get it!

Places You’ve Been
Books You Love the Most
Your Routine
Top Famous Quotes
Interview Someone, You Admire
50 Quotes for Success and Achieving Your Dreams
How To Live a Happy Life
How to Stay Motivated
Advice for Recent Grads

Business Blog Ideas

Document your trials and errors in your business. Open the doors to sell your company even more. Meanwhile, earning potential clients.

A Day in the Life of a Business Owner
Customer Stories
Contest & Giveaways
How to Product Guide
Reflect on Company Event
Meet the Team
Share a Personal Story to Inspire Readers
Review one of Your Products
Share the Biggest Lesson as a Business Owner
Promote an event your business is Sponsoring
Create List of Top Influencers in Your Niche

Relationship Blog Ideas

Inform your readers about the latest love and relationship advice.

How to Overcome Insecurities in Relationships
How to Balance a Healthy Relationship
Tips for Meeting Men or Women
How to Rebuild a Relationship with an Ex
Date Ideas
Review of Dating Products or Services
Dating as a Millennial
First Dating Lesson
How to Know You’re Actually Dating
Thoughts on Speed Dating in 2019

103 Blogging Ideas