How to Pack for Summer: Pack with Me

This is how pro travelers pack for summer.

I cannot believe that I am completely packed for our family’s annual trip this summer. My clothes are packed in a lightweight carry-on too. I finally mastered the art of not overdoing it.

This time around I am only packing what I need. A few shirts, pants, and a formal outfit. Simple enough.

Watch this video for exactly what I pack for this summer vacation

Most likely wherever you are traveling will have department stores for you to shop. If you forget something maybe it wasn’t important in the first place.

No matter the length of the trip, you’ll need to pack a bag and to pack it right.

I have a simple carry-on packing list that is optimal for all traveling seasons.  It helps you avoid those excess baggage fees when flying, and help you remember the little items you’ve forgotten.

My key tip to pack for summer is packing by the outfit. It’s already hot and there’s no reason to increase chances of sweating. Pit stains are not cute.

When I went to Cabo last October I packed a suitcase for about thirty people. Literally, I didn’t wear half the stuff in my suitcase. In fact, the clothes are still in the suitcase ready for the next trip.

I am only taking articles of clothing if I have a complete outfit. All outfits are created based on the activities on my itinerary. Planning outfits daily are easy with the outfit organizer I created for the ultimate packing list.