Meal Prep for a week Under $20

Being a vegetarian creates dilemmas for food ideas. This also can get quite expensive, being unsure of what to eat. I curated this list of healthy meal preps that cost under 20 bucks. I usually meal prep the night before. Kudos to the people who can do it all in one day. The refrigerator is a […]

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February Favorites

February was a hot mess! But not just for me, so I don’t feel as bad. Emotional breakdowns filled with college midterm standards, figuring out where I want to take my college career. Enough to drive a sane woman crazy! But like any woman, I cope with stress with shopping… okay… and eating my pain […]

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Why SEO is necessary for your blog

As someone who is starting a blog and social media following from scratch, I have learned the importance of having SEO in every blog post. Most bloggers don’t think too much about this more about creating a social media presence. This approach is great as well but does not allow a broader audience to reach […]

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How to Pack for Carry-on Only

How to Pack for Carry-on Only How to pack light for carry-on only. Choose the right bag. Take only what you need. Get the Tips, Skip the Post If you want to skip the post and get your packing tips now, enter your email below.   Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email […]

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Go To Meals

I wish I discovered this hack years ago because it has seriously changed my life for the better. No longer spending $20 a day on fast food or sugar snacks from convenient stores on my way back home. Now I spend most of my time in grocery store aisle looking my next meal. I’ve cut […]

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No Spend Challenge

Have you ever had a no spend day or week? If you haven’t you should consider this no spend challenge. Literally freeze you credit cards and step away. If no one else will tell you I will. You need to save. Implementing a savings plans into your budget helps you save to prepare for future […]

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Renting out Your Car: Side Income

If you do not drive often and your car is just sitting in your driveway, its costing you money. You can rent out your car and start earning passive income instantly. Whatever your need for earning extra income, renting out your car can be a great way to do so. Advantages of Renting Out Your […]

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Investing in Real Estate in your 20s

Investing in real estate does not have to be hard. There is an opportunity out there for everyone. Anyone, anywhere, any age, people can learn real investment tips. First, we are going to cover the basics of investing in real estate to generate money. Real estate investments are providing average families more return than the […]

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