Bringing your Car to College

Should You Bring Your Car to College?

First off are you even allowed?

Bringing a car to college can cause many problems depending on the college you are attending. Of course, you want the freedom to get around but is it really worth it?

Reasons to Leave Your Car at Home

Some colleges have restrictions based on college year, prohibiting the use of cars.

Colleges are made for people without cars. They have large sidewalks for pedestrians, bikes, and scooters. Students wiz between classes in seconds, not so much if you are using a car to commute.

Most campuses do not have parking spaces that accommodate thousands of students attending. Parking lots are often overcrowded with students double parking or parking in restricted areas.

Finding suitable parking saves you from citations but can inconvenience you with time. Laps around the parking garage add up in time, eventually making you late for class.

If you bring your car to school it may not be easy to drive it very often. Besides gas, you must purchase a parking pass to bring your car anyways.

Parking passes range from $400- $600 a semester. A SEMESTER!

This cost is not included in your tuition. This is an upfront cost just to park on campus. It also does not guarantee that you will have a park next to your residence hall or class.

Having a car is not a must-have in college. There are plenty of ways to get around without going broke the first three days of college.

Luckily colleges are often located in cities with buses and other forms of public transportation. While this does cost money, it is greatly cheaper than buying owning a car.

Often times colleges provide shuttle buses that take students from the school to a popular area to shop and have fun. Not only are you being safe, but saving money in the long haul.

If you want to focus on your studies and earning your degree bring a car to school is the last thing you need to worry about. Find more convenient eco-friendly ways to get around town if needed.
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