Stranded on an Island

If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?

Could I bring room service?

I’ve thought about this scenario plenty of times. Being stranded could mean a lot of things. Not necessarily fight to the death.

If I were stranded on an island the first thing I would bring is a fire starter. This is a must, bring advantage to one’s survival. Fire starters bring safety if nothing else.

Having a fire starter means that you can send a smoke signal. If someone were looking for you, this will aid in their search. Fire starters will help you stay dry and warm. Bringing enough heat to thoroughly cook your food.

The next thing I would bring would be a cookbook. Definitely something about cooking in the wild. Islands have strange fruits that are most likely poisonest.

Yes, I’m sure the island will be around a large body of water. Supplying a large amount of fish and other seafood. The cookbook will show me how to create meals without jeopardizing my health.

That brings me to my final item. A pot.

Bringing a pan gives me more camping feels instead of a pot. If I bring a pot I’m prepared for all weather situations. I never seen a soup made inside of a skillet.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other items that I would bring for my survival. Heck, maybe just one thing instead. A yacht so I can get out of there.

I am clearly not the ideal candidate for naked and afraid. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do.

After aimlessly walking around the island finding cool stuff, I would want to leave.

If I had a yacht I wouldn’t need much more. Those things are often fully equipt, holding all the survival items I needed.

Obviously, I’ve thought about this and I am prepared to relinquish my other two items for a fully loaded boat that can save me.