Things to Do the Summer Before College: A Checklist

Spring Semester is practically over, and the summer is just beginning. Maybe you are experiencing new things this summer or staying at home with family. Either way, you need to be prepared for the upcoming fall semester.

There’s a lot of things you can forget when going off to college. The most obvious may be that your parents are not down the hall anymore.┬áIts time to put your grownup drawers on.

To make the transition a little smoother, here’s a checklist of things you should be taking care of.

  1. Connect with your roommate
    • Many colleges require freshman to live in dorms. Chances are this is the first time you’ll share your personal space with someone other than family. Fortunately, some colleges offer online surveys that match you with someone who has similar interest. Other times you are given bits of information about who you are bunking with.
  2. Go to the doctor
    • Some colleges make this a requirement before you come to school. They request your immunization records to see if your update with your vaccinations. Scheduling an appointment before college is the best time to take care of your health. Start the year off right. Boost your immune system before you come in contact with thousands of germy people.
  3. Create a resume
    • This is more than just something that you need for college, but after. Getting a head start on building experience puts you ahead of your classmates. It’s important to know that college isn’t all about grades but the hands-on experience that you received.
  4. Make a LinkedIn Page
    • A LinkedIn its a more social way to make connections using your resume. You can find and apply for internships and jobs using this site. It’s pretty helpful.
  5. Have a movie night
    • After taking care of some serious adult stuff reward yourself with a night off.
  6. Clean out your closet
    • As tempting as it is to take every article of clothing you have for “just in case”, you do not have the room.
  7. Go on a road trip
    • The summer is the best time to schedule a road trip. The weather is nice in all places making your destination limitless.
  8. Meet new people via social media
    • To relieve the anxiety that you have about going to college. Meet new people that are attending at the same time. You can reach out to people from your high school or local community to find which college folk is going to.
  9. Take a self-defense class
    • There are weirdos everywhere but mainly in college. Learning how to defend yourself is a must for those dark nights your walking alone. (which you should probably never do in the first place, but whatever, because things happen and you cannot predict the future).
  10. Explore your college town
    • Be the pro at knowing all the cool places that you and your roommate can go to for fun!
  11. Get a haircut
    • Going off to college creates this new world for you. You can reinvent yourself by changing your look. Become a more polished, professional version of yourself.
  12. Get a license
    • This is more of a safe than sorry, tip. Getting a license can prevent may scary situations that can occur in college. A license is a form of identification. It allows people to know who you are and where you come from. Luckily, if any Blair Witch incidents happen your address is updated. Oh yeah, and you can always be your friends DD!
  13. Get a summer job
    • College is expensive and money is a necessity. Getting a summer job helps you save for the future and maybe pay for a few classes before student loans.
  14. Service your car
    • This is important no matter where you stand on bringing your car to college or not. College life is a busy life. You do not need any hidden surprises slowing your speed during the week.
  15. Go to orientation
    • Don’t be like me. Please go to orientation and learn as much as you can before the first day of school. Chances are you’ll find out new exciting features you school has confirming your decision even more.
  16. Send thank you letters to high school teachers
    • It’s good to keep in contact with your high school teachers at least until the first two years of college. (You may need references for a job) These are the people who’ve known you the longest and probably wrote your letters of recommendation. Send a simple thank you letter to share your gratification for their assistance and to stay on good terms.
  17. Do laundry
    • Surprisingly a lot of kids have never done laundry before by the time they leave for college. It’s not a hard job and can really save you from future nightmares. There are plenty of apps that teach you how to wash your clothes according to tags.
  18. Open a bank account
    • Most students already have bank accounts regardless of the reason. Opening an account at a popular branch is the best move. College towns are not going to have every bank known to man. Look for a bank that is close to your school or charges low fees to use their ATM.
  19. Memorize your social security number
    • Not only is it unsafe to carry around your Social Security Card, but who wants the responsibility. Memorize your SSN for one less thing to remember when packing this summer.
  20. Register for classes
    • Register for classes as early as possible. Take advantage of online registration during the summer. Classes often fill up rather quickly for basic freshman classes. Registering early increases your chances of getting in.

Taking care of this will prepare you well-over the average college student. You’re on your way to a more organizes and smooth Fall semester.