Top 5 Healthy Snacks

Hi, my name is Alysia and I am a snacker.

College is very time-consuming. Between classes, work, and assignments, there isn’t much time to create home-cooked meals. Eating out every meal is also not on the card. Most college students get familiar with a cheap go-to snack, which probably isn’t healthy.

I am no stranger to the snack world. Chips, cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream you name it I’ve tried it. My pantry has a dark supply of endless snacks.

I have a snack between almost every meal. I find that my diet is healthier when I snack between meals. I am less tempted to grab a slice of Costco pizza on my way home.

Is pizza a snack or meal?

Today I am sharing five healthy snacks that I never get tired of. I hope this list gives you a few ideas for increasing your choices of snacks.

Rice Cakes

These are my guilty pleasures. They are a healthier choice whether gluten-free or not. Rice cakes are so versatile: spread with your favorite nut butter or eat plain.

Granola Bars

Oh, what a relief it is! I’ve changed absent-mindedly by granola bars because they had athletes slapped across the box. I’ve actually started reading many labels of granola bars and found two brands I’ve come to love. No brand is perfect, but these brands check off.

Dark Chocolate

I blame Target for introducing me to barkTHINS. These are the only way I’ll ever eat dark chocolate. I usually get barkTHINS Coconut with almonds dark chocolate.


Here the thing about crackers: You can make them as filling as you would like. If you would like a light lunch you may add variants of spreads and meats. I usually have plain crackers that are already flavored. Like these.



Yogurt doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves as a snack. It’s great in the morning and lunch. You can dip your granola bars in for a sweet and salty snack. Since I am trying to lower my dairy intake I’ve tried dairy free yogurt. So far so good. So Delicious is becoming my favorite dairy-free company.

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