Why SEO is necessary for your blog

As someone who is starting a blog and social media following from scratch, I have learned the importance of having SEO in every blog post. Most bloggers don’t think too much about this more about creating a social media presence. This approach is great as well but does not allow a broader audience to reach your post.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the visibility of a website on a web search engine unpaid. When users enter a search for a search for business products or services the pages will be displayed by the search engines. This is your free advertisement!

SEO uses computer algorithms to consider what people search for, the terms or keywords used to search certain web pages. Optimizing a website will involve editing post to increase its relevance to keywords. Internet brands are using this as their new online marketing strategies.

How to get more search traffic to your blog, is a question I have search for myself. Too much avail there is not much information on how to views from posting keywords in your blog post. I give up.

Sites that have SEO authority are like the websites that appear first when you search baby goats on google. These websites are supreme. But how did they get to this stature?

Consistency. By posting frequently you increase your chances of people finding your website. Keep up with the times and post relevant information to your blog. Blogging about issues that don’t serve a use in the future years.

Essentially you need to find at least 100 frequent readers who follow your social media platforms. They will be your source to increase your influencer impact.

SEO does not give guaranteed search traffic to your blog. The algorithms produced change multiple times a day. Relying solely on SEO may cause you to suffer a major loss in your blog.

My overall advice is to increase your online presence with social media and networking. Never rely on one source of traffic because they are always changing.